Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chatstravaganza, Part Two

Wingal: Dude, would you really do that in Gum Drop Lane?

boobarella: all the fuck over gum drop lane

boobarella: on the gumdrop palace

boobarella: and the tutti fruti trees

boobarella: in the licorice river

boobarella: on the chocolate bench

boobarella: lol

boobarella: I'm fuckin' matt damon

Wingal: LOL

Wingal: You'll get sugar all over your ass.

boobarella: consider it traction

Wingal: Nice.

boobarella: If the Candy Land King isn't home we'll do it on top of the candy cane table

Wingal: Um... are you talking about you and me now?

boobarella: LOL!


Wingal: I love it.

boobarella: really

boobarella: it never gets old

Wingal: No, it really, really, really doesn't.

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