Monday, September 10, 2007

Tequila Thoughts

I feel like the Phantom of the Opera - invisible as I go about tweaking things here and there behind the scenes, wearing a weird half-mask to hide my monstrous visage, yet even with my hideousness able to seduce unassuming buxom young out, Boobarella. You're next.


So, do you all like the title picture? I hope so. I sacrificed for it. I had to make (and drink) an entire margarita all by myself in order to make it happen (wiping flour off brow).

In fact I'm still drinking it...mmm, icy cold, tart margarita not-from-a-mix...end-of-summer...only 97 degrees outside...mmmm.

Also I just climbed out of the Rainbow Star Pool, so my core temperature is nice and chilly.

Someday you all should just come out to Tucson for parties and drinks and warm weather when it's cold everywhere else and I'm too poor to travel (you will conveniently have thought ahead and saved up, of course). It could be a PSSWR Spring Break or something. I'll kick Raphael out and we'll all sack out all over the floor. Boobarella could bring a bunch of Bully Hill wines to crack open on the patio and we could drink margaritas in Mexico, flipping our hair at the vendors who call us "Barbie" as we walk by. Oh, and they will. We could look at saguaros, and barbeque in the backyard, and make fun of Wingal all day long if we wanted to.

It would be alsome.

P.S. If anyone hates the picture, feel free to remove it. Likewise with any of the template changes I happen to make.


Wingal said...

Why's everybody always pickin' on me?

Jenny said...

Aha! I knew that would flush you out from under your rock!

Wingal said...

Can you "flush" something out from under a rock? Perhaps you were trying to "smoke" me out of my hole, ala GWBush. The rock I've been trapped under is the pressure of an entire university. I wish someone would flush that.

Boobarella and Wingal will be having quality time in Chicago this weekend. I bet we'll get naughty and do some posting...

Jenny said...

You'll be flushed with wine, perhaps?

boobarella said...

I suspect "flushed with wine" will be an understatement.