Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I figured I'd better get this blog rolling again since we're all such incredible slackers. God.

Following is a list of possible topics which are coming into my head as we speak. I have stayed away from politics and religion, but as rant topics, they are, of course, always welcome:

1. I will never be a collector of... Elaborate.

2. I am thirty-something. What does this mean for my future in terms of cake? Whatever connotation of the word "cake" you wish to use is acceptable.

3. I still have an urge to stuff (name of nemesis here) in a locker. Elaborate.

4. For our next PSSWR vacation, we should go to... Discuss.

5. I love three things about my pet. Elaborate.

6. I think (name) at work has a dark secret. Conjecture.

7. You bitches are all crazy. Specifically... Elaborate.

8. I have a dark secret. Discuss.

9. My name is really... Reveal.

10. I can come up with better conversation topics than you, obviously. Add them to the list.

Okay. Now someone write an inspired post for me to read at work.

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