Thursday, September 06, 2007

8. I have a dark secret. Discuss.

My dark secret is that I love the Brachs Mellowcreme Pumpkins. Not so much the candy corn or any of the other nasty Halloween candy, but my god these pumpkins I cannot be with out. I have only really met one other person who feels as I do, my boss's wife. and so every year I buy her bag when I see them in the store. I swear I could eat the whole thing in one sitting, except that I would probably die from sugar shock.


sam said...

I think that I prefer the corn to the pumpkins. And sadly I like the plain ones, not the indian corn, just the plain ones. But you have to get the Brachs because the "imposters" are HORRIBLE.

Wingal said...

I'm sorry, but I hate all that stuff... I'm more of a chocolate girl.